If you need the latest available firmware for your Ensto Chago charger, find it below.

You can use USB stick based method (see Update firmware with USB stick) or OCPP FirmwareUpdate request to update the software. You can only go to a newer version, not back to an older version, this is by design.

Note: In case the charger is connected to any back-end, before updating please check with the back-end operator what is the latest approved firmware version that can be used with their back-end.

Gen 1 charger Version

Debian package

NotesGen 2 version (charger with new controller) Debian package


Common improvements.




Replaces 5.29.3fw which had one update related bug.


Fixes connectivity issues.



Healthy reboot parameter must be set to 20 or less for this firmware version. OCCP Parameter name:

DaysScheduledReboots = 20

New webUI, MiFARE Desfire EV2-J secure RFID, new Building Automation Energy Management protocols, local charging scheduler, Autocharge, over and under voltage monitor .

4.66-6074firmware_4.66-6074.debOCPP JSON re-connection fix,
OCPP Master/Slave memory segmentation fault fix,
OCPP 1.6 JSON Basic Auth,
RFID learning mode.

4.63-6011 EV-Wakeup improvements, IT-Network DLM improvements.
4.60-5939Wake-up / Polling for DLM
4.53-5444DLM bug fixes and several other fixes.
4.21-3390firmware_4.21-3390.debSome bug fixes for the DLM.
4.20-3337Obsolete not actively supported anymore

Obsolete not actively supported anymore

3.35-1440Obsolete not actively supported anymore