When you need to update the charger's firmware and no remote firmware update is possible, you can use the below steps to update firmware with a USB stick.

This requires trained personnel as it involves working with opened charger cabinet.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Create compatible USB stick
  2. Get latest firmware version for charge controllers
  3. Copy the file to the USB memory stick, root folder.
  4. Rename the .deb file on the USB memory stick to "sw_update.deb"
  5. If you are using 4.3x software version or newer, then create a text document file called USB_PASSWORD to the root of the USB stick and enter text yellow_zone into it (with Notepad++ Check also that Unix has been selected from EDIT - (EOL) - UNIX).
    Note* remove any file extension from the file name, so if the file extension is .txt (USB_PASSWORD.txt), remove the .txt so that the file is called just USB_PASSWORD
    Note** By default Windows is hiding file extension .txt, so be sure that you have selected proper windows settings for the file extension showing (see picture, where Windows settings are correct - "File name extensions" is checked and "Hide extension for known file types" is un-checked.), remove the .txt so that the file is called just USB_PASSWORD 
  6. Open the charger and connect the USB stick to the controller units USB slot (note that you might need to remove a USB cable already connected on the controller for master slave or Ethernet purposes).
  7. A yellow LED on the controller will start to blink rapidly when the USB stick is connected.
  8. Controller will read the file from USB and then update the firmware. There will be a reboot of the controller after update. Controller will have a click sound and depending of the product and if master or slave the indication LEDs (red, green and blue that show the charger status) are shut down and turned back again.
  9. When controller is rebooting remember not to disconnect the power. It might take up to 15 minutes for the update to go thru.
  10. After the restart the led on the controller board will again blink rapidly for a while and after it stops you can remove the USB stick
  11. Software has been updated.
  12. Remember to update both controller on double sided units (do steps 6-9 to both of the controllers inside the charger). Does not matter which controller is updated first.
  13. Remember to reconnect any unconnected USB cables or devices after the update.

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