Does Ensto One Home support any load management features?

Yes. There's different ways to enable load management

1)  By defining max. static charging current via Ensto Charger Control app

2) To activate so called "Override" mode

3) To use local "Dynamic load management".

Note! Options 2 and 3 need external control device for establish the load management operation.

Is energy meter to establish Dynamic load management included by default on Ensto One Home delivery?

No. The energy meter is optional and must be ordered separately.

Where is it possible to purchase the supported energy meter?

Via Ensto (Ensto code EVHEM217) or via some reseller with the given vendor product code (EM2172RVV23XOSX).

Is it possible to use any external energy meter model for the Dynamic load management purpose?

No. Only specific supported model can be used. Please contact local Ensto sales personel for more details.

Is it possible to support two Ensto One Home with the same meter?

No. Current load management software does not support two chargers.

Does new Charger Control app support also old Ensto One Homes?

Yes. The same app will work also with previous Ensto One Home models. App filters visibility for the load management settings so that only new "B" versions will enable laod management configurations. 

Does Ensto One Home include by default some external control device for Override mode?

No. Ensto One Home supports NO/NC potential input that can be connected locally to some external control device such as relay, switch, timer etc.

Customer wants timer functionality for EV charging (due to increased energy prices etc.), can we provide some solution?

Ensto One Home does not itself support charging event timer. Some EV models support charging timing and also building automation systems (like Netatmo) could be configured and be used together with Ensto One Home's Override mode functionality.

Does the Ensto One Home DLM support IT network?

Will be supported in future firmware release

Where do I find new Ensto One Home prices ?

Please contact your local Ensto sales representative

Where do I find more product info?

Ensto One product page

Are 3-phase (11kW and 22kW) versions available?


Is there some end-user authorization available?

Yes, Ensto One Home has two operating modes, free and authorized charging. Set-up is done with Charger Control app. When authorized charging is set, charging can be started only from smart phone paired to Ensto One Home charger.

Does Ensto One Home has in-built MID-meter?

No, Ensto One Home doesn´t have MID-meter.

Does Ensto One Home support some mobile application?

Yes, Charger Control -mobile application is available for both installator and EV driver purposes. With the new laod management features the Charger Control app will also have its new brand design.